Upcoming presentations

26 June 2024, 10.30 am
‘Versailles, the Olympics and Louis XIV’
Chalke Valley History festival, SP5 5ET contact: tickets@chalkefestival.com / 01722 781133 - flyer: - programme: -

22 October 2024, 6.30 pm
‘"Beyond Measure Magnificent": the English court, from the Recovery of George III to the Bedchamber Question, 1789-1839’
Georgian Group, 6 Fitzroy Square London W1T 5DX - Contact members@georgiangroup.org.uk

Recent Talks - 2020-23

7 March 2024, 2.30 pm
‘Versailles and the English, from Louis XIV to Queen Victoria’
National Trust Dorchester Association, Brownsword Hall, Pummery Square, Poundbury, Dorchester DT1 3DW

23 January 2024, 6.30 pm
‘The Grand Tour in the Ottoman Empire: Power, Pleasure and Ruins, from Constantinople to Cairo’
The Georgian Group, 6 Fitzroy Square, London - video:

16 January 2024, 2.30 pm
‘Versailles and the English, from Louis XIV to Queen Victoria’
Church Hall at the All Saints Church, Ulwell Road, Swanage, BH19 1LL - contact Sophia Wright smwright007@btinternet.com - flyer:

12 December 2023, 6 pm
Hybrid presentation: ‘The Grand Tour in the Levant, from Athens, via Constantinople and Aleppo, to Cairo: Power, Pleasure and Scholarship’, Anglo Turkish Society / Levantine Heritage Foundation - Royal Anthropological Institute, 50 Fitzroy St, Fitzrovia, London - flyer: - video:

23 October 2023, 4.30 pm
‘The Power of Courts, 1814-1918: Dynasties, Armies and Culture’
Oxford University Court studies Seminar, Jesus College, Ship Street Centre, Oxford, open to all - details

22 September 2023
1st Joint conference with LKMKD & LHF: ‘Istanbul, Diplomatic Capital of Europe’, Philip Mansel and Sinan Kuneralp, moderated by Philippe Bourmaud, Palais de France, Istanbul - flyer: - gallery:

20 September 2023, 7 pm
‘Liman Kenti İzmir: Bir Levantenler Hikayesi’
İzmir Sanat Merkezi / Alsancak Fuar Alanı, Izmir - flyer:

24 June 2023, 15.15
‘The English Court from William III to George IV: Country Houses, National Politics and Europe’
Grimsthorpe Castle Lincolnshire, Crown and Country symposium - flyer:

31 May 2023, 19.00
‘De Louis XIV a Louis-Philippe : les Bourbons et la Pologne, entre nationalismes et dynasties’
Bibliotheque polonaise, 6, Quai d’Orléans, 75004 Paris - flyer:

15 May 2023, 8.00 pm
‘The French Monarchy between Coronations and Revolutions: from Louis XIV to Charles X’
Cambridge University Heraldic and Genealogical Society - video:

20 April 2023, 6.30 pm
‘Versailles and the English, from Charles II to Marie Antoinette’
Oxford & Cambridge Club - flyer:

5 March 2023, 2 pm
‘Louis XIV: For or Against’
Aldeburgh Literary Festival, Aldeburgh Jubilee Hall - flyer:

23 February 2023, 10.30 am
‘King Louis XIV, the English and Dorset’
Harmans Cross Village Hall, Dorset BH19 3EB - contact Virginia Lynch vablynch@gmail.com

25 January 2023, 6 pm
‘Louis XIV and the Arts: between Versailles and Europe’
Gresham College, Barnard’s Inn Hall, Barnards Inn, London EC1N 2HH, United Kingdom - video:

1 December 2022
‘Writing the Life of Louis XIV: British and German Perspectives on a European Monarch’
discussion with Professor Sven Externbrink, Kurpfalzisches Museum, Heidelberg, Germany - flyer:

29 November 2022
‘Louis XIV and Europe: from Versailles to Munich’
at Staatliche Münzsammlung München, Residenzstraße 1, 80333 München, Germany

24 November 2022
‘Venice and the Levant’
Levantine Heritage Foundation meeting in Venice, Italy - flyer: - slides:

17 November 2022, 7.30 pm
‘The French and the Scots: love, war and jobs, from Louis XIV to De Gaulle’
The Scots Kirk, 17 rue Bayard, 75008 Paris - flyer:

5 November 2022
‘Louis XIV et les Anglais, entre Guerre et Paix’
Union des Francais de la Grande Bretagne, Holy Trinity, Sloane Street, London SW1X 9BZ

27 October 2022
‘Louis XIV, Patron, Collector, Creator’
Society of Antiquaries, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London W1 - info: - video:

15 October 2022
‘Louis XIV and Diplomacy, from The Hague to Constantinople’
‘Rampjaar 1672: Diplomacy in Time of Crisis’, Amerongen Castle, nr. Utrecht, Holland - video:

10 October 2022
‘French Royal Funerals from Louis XIV to Louis XVIII: the Politics of Memory’
Society for Court Studies, NYU, 6 Bedford Square, London WC1 - video:

1 October 2022
‘Cousins et Rivaux, Bourbons et Orléans de Louis XIV a Louis XVIII’
Theatre du Chateau d’Eu, Eu, Normandy

31 August 2022
‘Louis XIV and the Stuarts: between Raison d’état and Sacred Monarchy’
Royal Stuart Society, London Scottish Centre, 95 Horseferry Road, London SW1P 2DX

15 May 2022
‘Conversation with Jane Ridley and James Knox on Court Gossip’
Boswell Book Festival, Dumfries House, Scotland

14 May 2022
‘Louis XIV, Scotland and the Stuarts’
Boswell Book Festival, Dumfries House, Scotland

10 May 2022
‘The Grand Tour in the Ottoman Empire: Power, Pleasure and Ruins’
The Nomad’s Tent, 21 St Leonards Lane, Edinburgh, EH8 9SH - flyer: info:

1 May 2022
‘Louis XIV, the Stuarts and the Jacobites’
Chiddingstone Castle Literary Festival

26 April 2022
‘French Connections: The Bourbons and Bohemia from Louis XIV to the Princes de Rohan in Sychrov and Charles X in Prague’
Embassy of the Czech Republic, 26-30 Kensington Palace Gardens, London W8 4QY - flyer: - video: - slides:

22 April 2022
‘Louis XIV and Women: Power, Pleasure and Piety’
Ebenezerpresents, The Seed Factory, Aller, Somerset
Hybrid event. £15 for Seat at the Factory includes glass of wine and canapés, information:

6 April 2022
‘Louis XIV, Global Monarch: between America, Europe and China’
Société de Lecture - 11, Grand’Rue 1204 Genève - www.societe-de-lecture.ch

30 March 2022
‘Louis XIV and the English: the Road to Versailles’
Oxford Literary Festival

26 January 2022
‘Louis XIV, roi du monde’
Amis de Versailles

14 December 2021
‘Levantine Alternatives: Greeks in Constantinople, Smyrna and Alexandria after Greek Independence’
Hellenic Centre, London - info: - video:

23 September 2021
‘Louis XIV, Global Monarch’
King’s College School, Wimbledon

22 September 2021
‘Louis XIV, England and Europe’
Royal Hospital Chelsea, Burton Court

1 June 2021
‘Louis XIV, Roi du monde’
Academie de Versailles, 3 bis rue Richaud, Versailles - video:
www.academiedeversailles.com / info:

25 May 2021
‘Louis XIV, l’Ecosse et l’Europe’
Institut francais, Edinburgh - info: - video:

7 May 2021
‘Louis XIV, King of Gardens’
The Gardens Trust - info: - video:

6 May 2021
‘Aleppo: from World City to Civil War’
The Nomad’s Tent, Edinburgh

28 April 2021
‘Louis XIV, Global Monarch’
The London Library - video:

27 April 2021
‘Napoleon I, Emperor and King’
Georgian Group 6 Fitzroy Square London W1 - video:

24 April 2021
‘Louis XIV, Royal Feminist’
FranceDC, Washington DC, USA

15 April 2021
‘Versailles and the English from Louis XIV to Queen Victoria’
Women’s International Club of Brussels - video:

13 April 2021
‘Vénitiens en Levant: de Constantinople, par Smyrne et Alep, à Alexandrie’
Levantine Heritage Foundation

18 March 2021
‘Alep, du cosmopolitisme à la catastrophe’
Villa Empain, Brussels - info: - video:

10 February 2021
‘Between Triumph and Disaster: French Royal Funerals from Louis XIV to Louis XVIII’ - info: - video:
Mausolea and Monuments Trust

9 February 2021
Online lecture: ‘Louis XIV and the Power of Women’
Society of History of Collecting / Friends of the Medici Archive Project
info: - video:

20 January 2021
Online lecture: ‘Versailles and the English: Admiration and Intimacy from Louis XIV to Queen Victoria’
Franco-British Society

15 December 2020
Online event: ‘The Lily and the Crescent: Louis XIV and the Ottomans, Culture, Commerce and Crusades’
The Anglo-Turkish Society
info: - video:

12 December 2020
Online event: ‘Istanbul and Smyrna through the eyes of Levantine artists from Luigi Mayer to Fausto Zonaro’
Levantine Heritage Foundation
- video:

8 December 2020
Louis XIV, King of the World
Highgate Literary and Scientific Institution
online event, info:

11 November 2020
Huguenots and the Courts of Europe
The Huguenot Society, London
online event

17 September 2020
Versailles and the English: from Louis XIV to Queen Victoria
The Royal Oak Foundation - online event - video:

10 March 2020
Versailles and the English: from Louis XIV to George IV
Georgian Group, 6 Fitzroy Square, London W1T 5DX - details:

6 March 2020
The First Entente Cordiale, Louis XVIII and George IV
The Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace, London SW1 - details:

20 January 2020
Venetians in the Levant: from Constantinople to Aleppo
A joint Venice in Peril and Levantine Heritage Foundation event, Society of Antiquaries, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London W1J 0BE - video:

Click for the Chronological Listing of Past Speaking Engagements


16 December 2003
60 Knightsbridge, London
The Europes of the Prince de Ligne
(at a joint meeting of the Franco-British and Anglo-Belgian Societies)

21 January 2004
American University of Beirut Museum
End of Empire: Sultan Abdulhamid II at Yildiz Palace 1876-1909

2 February 2004
The Senate, Paris
Talleyrand and the House of France
(at a conference commemorating the 250th anniversary of Talleyrand's death)

27 February 2004
Beirut PEN Centre
Clash of Civilisations? Western Ambassadors and Ottoman Sultans 1540-1826

27 March 2004
Beveridge Hall, Senate House, University of London
Ottoman and Islamic Inaugurations
(at a conference of the Society for Court Studies)

20 November 2004
Institut Français, South Kensington, London SW7
From War to Peace: the House of Hanover and the Crown of France 1783-1855
(as part of the two-day conference on Anglo-French relations between 1066 and 1904, ‘A Tale of Two Crowns: The Courts of England and France, 1066-1904’, held by The Society for Court Studies in association with the Institut Français)

18 February 2005
Notre Dame University, Beirut
God and Man in the Levant

14 March 2005
London, Royal Academy of Arts
The Fall of Constantinople under Mehmet II and the Flourishing of Art and Literature that Ensued

14 March 2005
Garrick Club
Clash of Civilisations? Ottoman Sultans and Western Ambassadors
(in support of the Istanbul Heritage Fund)

14 June 2005
Hali Carpet and Textile Fair, Olympia
Clash of Civilisations? Ottoman Sultans and Western Ambassadors

24 June 2005
Institut Français, South Kensington, London SW7
Dialogue on travel books with Barnaby Rogerson

14 July 2005
Daunt Books, Marylebone High Street, London W1
Dialogue on the Ottomans with Caroline Finkel, author of ‘Osman’s Dream: The Story of the Ottoman Empire 1300-1924’

1 October 2005
The Wallace Collection, London W1
Paris, Court City of Europe 1800-1870
(at a joint conference of the Society for Court Studies and the Victorian Society on Courts and Capitals 1815-1914)

16 October 2005
Crimean Memorial Church, Serdar Ekrem Sokak 82, Galata, Istanbul
Clash of Civilisations? The Crimean Alliance and the Ottoman Empire
(hosted by the Church of England Chaplaincy, Istanbul)

30 November 2005
Belgian Embassy, London
Brussels - London - Paris: The Prequel 1787-1839

11 December 2005
Haldane Room, University College, London
Paris the World City
(for members of the Berlioz Society)

6 October 2006
Pera Museum Istanbul
Friend or Foe? Ottoman-European Relations as Revealed through Pictures
(as part of a two-day symposium entitled ‘Arts, Artists and Patrons in Seventeenth Century Istanbul’)

7 December 2006
Koc University, Istanbul
Abdulhamid II and Yildiz Palace

15 November 2007
Bridport Literary Festival, Bridport Town Hall
The Levantine Synthesis

14-15 December 2007
German Historical Institute London
From Exile to the Throne: Louis XVIII and the Powers of Europe 1791-1814

10 April 2008
Belgian Ambassador’s Residence, Belgrave Square, London
London, Brussels and the Creation of Belgium

3 June 2008
Istanbul Centre, Brussels
Dialogue with Edhem Eldem on cosmopolitanism

12 November 2008
Austrian Cultural Forum, Rutland Gate, London
The Prince de Ligne, the Princes de Rohan and Bohemia

18 November 2008
Newcastle University
Clothes and Power

20 November 2008
The French Porcelain Society
The French Court 1770-1870: Grandeur and Catastrophe

7 November 2008
Istanbul Book Fair
Discussion on Constantinople with Murat Belge

7 December 2008
Alexandria Library
Mohammed Ali and the Rebirth of Alexandria

25 March 2009
Association de la Noblesse du Royaume de Belgique, Brussels
Le Prince de Ligne, Napoleon et l’Europe

18 April 2009
Exeter University
Mohammed Ali and Europe
(at a conference on Britain and the Muslim World)

4 June 2009
Chateau de Versailles
‘L’habit fait tout’? Dress and Power
(at a conference on Court Dress)

11 September 2009
Royal Collection Studies, Windsor Castle
The French Court 1770-1870: Grandeur and Catastrophe

5 October 2009
The Society for Court Studies at the Georgian Group, 6 Fitzroy Square, London
The French Court 1770-1870: Grandeur and Catastrophe

7 November 2009
28 January 2010
The Art Fund at the Wallace Collection
From Napoleon I to Napoleon III: The Revival of the Court in Nineteenth-Century Paris

25 March 2010
English-Speaking Union, Dartmouth House, 37 Charles Street, London W1
The French Court 1770-1870: Grandeur and Catastrophe

14 May 2010
Dorset County Museum, High Street, Dorchester
Dress and Power

8 June 2010
Centre des archives du Ministère des Affaires Etrangères, 3 rue Suzanne Masson, La Courneuve
Louis XVIII: un adversaire de longue haleine
(as part of a conference on Napoleon)

Friday 24 September 2010
Birkbeck College, University of London, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HX
Ambassadors and Sultans 1530-1830
(as part of a one-day colloquium on ‘From Coronation to Chari-Vari: The Many Uses of Ritual and Ceremony in the Early Modern World’)

Tuesday 28 September 2010
Schloss Ehrenburg, Coburg
Commentary on Peter Johanek’s paper on ‘The Court and the City in the Nineteenth Century’
(at the twelfth conference of the Residenzen-Kommission, organised in collaboration with the Coburg Historical Society)

Monday 1 November 2010
Bull Hotel, Bridport, Dorset
The Rise and Fall of Royal Alexandria
(as part of the Bridport Literary Festival)

Wednesday 3 November 2010
Izmir Chamber of Commerce
Levantine Cities

Tuesday 30 November 2010
Kensington Central Library, Phillimore Walk, London W8 7RX
Splendours and Miseries of the French Monarchy, from Louis XVI to Napoleon III
(to the Kensington and Chelsea National Trust Association)

Tuesday 7 December 2010
Institut Français, 17 Queensberry Place, London SW7 2DT
Levantine Cities

Friday 10 December 2010
Free University, Brussels
Dress and Power, from Napoleon to Osama

Friday 25 February 2011
Dorset County Museum, Dorchester, DT1 1XA
The Grand Tour in the Ottoman Empire

Tuesday 22 March 2011
HHSA (State Archives), Minoritenplatz 1, Vienna
The Courts of Europe: The Nineteenth-Century Resurgence

Sunday 27 March 2011
The Ebenezer Chapel, Burrowbridge, Bridgwater, TA7 0RE
The Rise and Fall of Royal Alexandria

Saturday 2 April 2011
Christ Church College, Oxford, OX1 1DP
Levantine Cities
(interviewed by David Gelber at the Oxford Literary Festival)

Wednesday 4 May 2011
The Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Centre, 10 Maple Street, London, W1T 5HA
What is a Levantine City? From Smyrna to Izmir

Wednesday 11 May 2011
The Hellenic Centre, 16-18 Paddington Street, Marylebone, London, W1U 5AS
The Rise and Fall of Royal Alexandria: From Mohammed Ali to Farouk

Monday 16 May 2011
Room G35, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU
The Politics of Dynastic Collecting: The Duchesse de Berri and French Royalism
(to the Collecting and Display Seminar)

Tuesday 24 May 2011
Smedmore House, Kimmeridge, Dorset, BH20 5PG
Friend or Foe? Turkey and Europe, from Suleyman the Magnificent to Tayyip Erdoğan
(as part of Purbeck Art Weeks)

Saturday 4 June 2011
Book in Bar, 1 Bis Rue Joseph Cabassol, 13100 Aix-en-Provence, France
Levantine Cities: Why, Where, When?

Thursday 9 June 2011
Maison de Chateaubriand, Rue d’Aulnay, 92290 Châtenay-Malabry, France
Paris: Ville de cour du XIXe siècle

Friday 15 July 2011
St Anne’s College, Oxford
Alexandria and Mohammed Ali: The Creation of a Cosmopolis, 1805-1849
(at the ASTENE conference, 15-18 July)

Tuesday 16 August 2011
Peppers Theatre, Edinburgh
A Captivating History of the Levant
(at the Edinburgh International Book Festival)

Saturday 8 October 2011
The Art Workers Guild, 6 Queen Square, London WC1N 3AT
The Rise and Fall of Royal Alexandria: From Mohammed Ali to Farouk
(at the fourth Courts and Capitals conference organised by the Society for Court Studies and the Victorian Society)

Thursday 20 October 2011
University of Mersin, Turkey
Levantine Cities: The Past for the Future
(lecture at a three-day conference on ‘Mediterranean Cities: Antiquity as Future?’)

10 November 2011
Bridport, Dorset
In Conversation with Professor Norman Stone
(at the Bridport Open Book Festival)

18 November, 2011
Uppsala University, Sweden
The Perils of Antiquity: Smyrna, Alexandria and Phoenicia
(as part of a conference on ‘Antiquity and its Legacy’)

8 February 2012
Victoria and Albert Museum, Cromwell Road, London SW7 2RL
Dress and Power, from Louis XIV to Elizabeth II

19 February 2012
King’s Place, 90 York Way, London N1 9AG
In conversation with David Abulafia about Interactions between Islam, Judaism and Christianity in the Mediterranean
(as part of Jewish Book Week)

2 April 2012
Royal Holloway College
Clothes and power: From Louis XIV to Elizabeth II

25 November 2012
Turin, Venaria Reale
Royal Hunts in an Age of Revolutions: From Louis XVI to Napoleon III
(at the conference ‘Royal Hunts and Early Modern Courts’, co-organised by the Court Studies Forum and the Centro studi of the Venaria)

29 May 2012
Smedmore House Dorset
Grand Tourists in the East: From Casanova to Disraeli
(as part of Purbeck Arts Week)

5 June 2012
Cities of the Levant: The Past for the Future?
(at the Hay-on-Wye Festival)

4 October 2012
1 Berkeley Street, London W1J 8DJ
Friend or Foe? The Ottoman Empire and Europe, from Mehmed the Conqueror to Ataturk

19 October 2012
Thessaloniki University
Salonica: Portrait of a Levantine City
at a conference on Thessaloniki: A City in Transition, 1912-2012

29 October 2012
Lecture Theatre, Wallace Collection,
Competing Dynastic Collections in Nineteenth-Century France: The Case of the Duchesse de Berri

1 November 2012
1 Berkeley Street, London W1J 8DJ
Grand Tourists in the East: From Liotard to Disraeli

19 November 2012
The University Women’s Club.
The Rise and Fall of Royal Alexandria: From Mohammed Ali to Farouk

6 February 2013
Royal Society for Asian Affairs, 15 Belgrave Square, London SW1
Cities of the Levant: Models for the Future?

28 February 2013
1 Berkeley Street, London W1J 8DJ
The Courts of Europe: The Nineteenth century Resurgence

10 April 2013
The British Institute, Florence, Italy
The Rise and Fall of Royal Alexandria: From Mohammed Ali to Farouk

10 May 2013
American University Museum, Beirut
The Rise and Fall of Royal Alexandria: From Mohammed Ali to Farouk

18 May 2013
The Dorset History Centre
Splendours and Catastrophes of the French Monarchy, from Louis XV to Napoleon III
(to the Dorset Archives Trust)

23 May 2013
Maison de Chateaubriand, Chatenay-Malabry
Ami ou ennemi? L’empire ottoman et l’Europe, de Mehmed II à Guillaume II

29 May 2013
Smedmore House, Dorset (Purbeck Arts Week)
From Napoleon to Nasser: The Rise and Fall of Royal Alexandria

14 June 2013
Paris, Assemblee nationale
Why was he Called Duc de Bordeaux? History of a Nineteenth-Century Royalist City
(at the Colloque Comte de Chambord)

16 June 2013
Art Antiques London, Kensington Gardens, London
Bourbon Renaissance: Louis XVIII to Louis-Philippe

20 June 2013
Institut Français, 17 Queensberry Place, London SW7 2DT
Paris Seen by British artists
Discussion with Stephen Duffy, curator of the exhibition The Discovery of Paris, at the Wallace Collection

12 July 2013
Aston University, Birmingham (ASTENE)
An Aesthete in the Ottoman Empire: Thomas Hope between Constantinople and Cairo

5 August 2013
Paris, World City of the Nineteenth Century
Wallace Collection, Manchester Square, London W1

24 October 2013
Istanbul Orient Insitute, Susam Sokak 16, Cihangir, Istanbul
Friend or Foe? The Ottoman Empire and Europe, from Mehmed II to Wilhelm II - review

23 January 2014
Stevenson Lecture Theatre, British Museum, London
‘Cities of the Levant: the Past for the Future?’ - image
Council for British Research in the Levant

7 February 2014
Hellenic Centre, Paddington Street, London W1
‘Dressed to Kill or Dressed to Rule?’

26 March 2014
L’Institut duc d'Anjou - Vexilla Galliae, le Centre d’Etudes Historiques, Paris
‘Louis XVIII, la Restauration, la liberté de l'Europe - Les Rois Souterrains’ - video

28 March 2014
French Institute, Queensberry Place, London SW7
‘All the world’s in Paris: the British Parisians’ as part of Telling Tales of Two Cities: British Parisians and London French, Yesterday and Today; Les Britanniques à Paris et Les Français à Londres, Hier et Aujourd’hui’
Public Discussion and Study Day

11 April 2014
Hartwell House near Aylesbury
‘The Return of the King: from Hartwell to Paris with Louis XVIII in 1814’

23 June 2014
British Consulate General, Istanbul
‘Friend or Foe? Ottoman Empire and the Powers of Europe from Mehmet II to Wilhelm II’

29 October 2014
Europe House, Smith Square, London SW1
‘Our European Past, the Congress of Vienna and Us’ - info

13 November 2014, 4pm
Stevenson Lecture Theatre, Clore Education Centre, British Museum
‘Cities of the Levant: The Past for the Future?’ - flyer
Palestine Exploration Fund

3 December 2014, 7pm
The Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace
‘Preludes to the Prince: Grand Tourists in the Ottoman Empire’

5 December 2014, 6pm
British Museum BP Lecture Theatre
‘Smyrna, the Eye of Asia’

1 June 2015
Smedmore House, Kimmeridge, near Wareham, Dorset BH20 5PG
‘Inside the Court of Napoleon’

25 October 2015
Farnham Literary Festival
‘Inside the Court of Napoleon’

9 November 2015
Bridport Literary Festival, The Bull Hotel, Bridport
‘Inside the Court of Napoleon’

3 December 2015
Wolfson Room, Institute of Historical Research, Senate House, Lodnon WC1E 7HU
‘Louis XIV, the Global King’

9 December 2015
Victoria & Albert Museum, London
Napoleon I and his Court

12 January 2016
Fondation Napoleon - 7 Rue Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire 75005 Paris
Louis XVIII, roi de France et roi de l’Europe

13 April 2016
British Institute of Florence, Italy
Cities of the Levant: A warning from history? - flyer:

20 April 2016
John Sandoe Books, 10 Blacklands Terrace, London SW3 2SR
Aleppo: The Rise and Fall of Syria’s Great Merchant City - info

25 April 2016
‘Aleppo: World City’, Middle East Centre, St Anthony’s College, Oxford - flyer:

28 April 2016
‘Aleppo: World City to War Zone’, Levantine Heritage Foundation, Royal Thames Yacht Club, London

22 June 2016
‘Refugees or Migrants? Huguenots, Jacobites and Louis XIV’, Christ Church Spitalfields, Commercial St, London E16LY

3 July 2016
‘Aleppo: Betweeen East and West’, Chalke Valley History Festival

13 July 2016
‘Understanding Syria’, with Elif Shafak and Maya Chehade - Waterstones’s, Piccadilly, London

23 July 2016
‘Aleppo: From World City to War Zone’, Lewes Speakers Festival

6 October 2016
‘Aleppo & The Grand Tour, From Shakespeare to Gertrude Bell’, Art Fund, Market Harborough Theatre

6 November 2016
‘The Painful Death of the Ottoman Empire, From Sarajevo to Aleppo’, Empire and After History Symposium, Bath Assembly Rooms, Bath

11 November 2016
‘Aleppo, Levantine City’, Ebenezer Presents, Aller, Somerset TA10 0QN

19 November 2016
‘Aleppo: From World City to Ghost City’, Yorkshire Museum, York, BBC History Festival

28 November 2016
‘Aleppo: a Warning from History’, Kensington Central Library, London W8 - www.londonhistoryfestival.com

1 December 2016
Participation in panel on Kings and Kingship, Winchester Discovery Centre, Winchester

9 February 2017
Interviewing Bettany Hughes about her new book on Istanbul - video:
Daunt Books, 83-84 Marylebone High St, London W1U 4QW

26 February 2017
Jewish Book Week
Philip Mansel: Aleppo - in conversation with David Abulafia
Kings Place, St Pancras, London - video:

30 March 2017
‘Aleppo: A Warning from History?’, Oxford Literary Festival

18 April 2017
‘Was Aleppo a Levantine city?’, Council for British Research in the Levant, 10 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1 - info:

24 April 2017
‘Aleppo like you’ve never known it’, Asia House, 63 New Cavendish Street, London W1 - info:

8 May 2017
‘Aleppo: World City to War Zone?’, Bridport Literary Festival

11 June 2017
‘Aleppo: City of Christians, Muslims and Jews’, American Cathedral, 23 Avenue Georges V, 75008 Paris

15 June 2017
Martin Norton Lecture - ‘From Cosmopolis to Catastrophe: The Multicultural History of Aleppo’, Jewish Museum London, Raymond Burton House 129-131, Albert Street, London NW1 7NB

21 July 2017
‘Crossroads of Empires: Travellers to Aleppo’
Twelfth Biennial Association for the Study of Travel in Egypt and the Near East, Julian Study Centre, University of East Anglia, Norwich NR4 7TJ

17 November 2017
‘From Aleppo to Gibraltar: Mixed Cities of the Mediterranean’
Gibraltar Literary Festival, John Mackintosh Hall, 308 Main Street, Gibraltar

22 November 2017
‘Aleppo: A warning from history?’
American Library in Paris, 10, rue du Général Camou 75007 Paris, France - video:

18 May 2018
Panel on Aleppo: discussion with Fausto Biloslavo, moderated by Mauro Ungaro, Associazione culturale èStoria, corso Giuseppe Verdi, 69, Gorizia, Italy

30 August 2018
A musical and historical journey to the city of Aleppo with Ibrahim Keivo (oud, voice and bazuq) and historian Philip Mansel
Smedmore House, Kimmeridge

15 September 2018
‘The Sun King and the Prince of Transylvania: Louis XIV and Ferenc II Rakoczi’
Transylvanian Book Festival, Richis, Transylvania, Romania

29 October 2018
Seminar: Alexandria, from Mohammed Ali to Farouk: The Rise and Fall of a Royal Capital, Dr Philip Mansel - British School of Athens, 52 Souedias Str, Athens, Greece - flyer:

2 November 2018
‘Salonica, Jerusalem of the Balkans’, Levantine Heritage Foundation conference, the American School of Classical Studies, Athens, Greece - video:

10 November 2018
‘Imperial Apogee: Constantinople under Abdulhamid II 1876-1909’, ‘Courts and Capitals 1815–1914 (V)’, a Society for Court Studies / Victorian Society conference at the Art Workers’ Guild, 6 Queen Square, London WC1N 3AT

4 December 2018
‘From Mohammed Ali Pasha to King Farouk: the Rise and Fall of Royal Alexandria’
Egyptian Cultural Centre and Education Bureau, 4 Chesterfield Gardens, London W1J 5BG - flyer: - video:

4 February 2019
‘The Palais-Royal, epicentre of Europe’
At the Garden Museum, Lambeth, London SE1 7LB
Conference on Culture under the Stars

21 February 2019
‘The Bourbons and Europe: Versailles, Madrid, Naples, Parma’
Europe House, 32 Smith Square, London, SW1P 3EU

20 March 2019
Book launch and discussion: Mr Five Per Cent: Jonathan Conlin in conversation with Philip Mansel about Calouste Gulbenkian, John Sandoe Books, 10-12 Blacklands Terrace, Chelsea, London

10 July 2019
King of the World: An Evening with Philip Mansel & History Today
Hatchards Piccadilly, London - flyer:

12 July 2019
King of the World: The Life of Louis XIV
The Wallace Collection, Hertford House, Manchester Square, London

1 August 2019
Louis XIV, King of the World
National Portrait Gallery, St Martin’s Place, London

29 August 2019
‘Louis XIV: The man and his music’, with Elizabeth Kenny (lute)
Smedmore House, Kimmeridge, Wareham

11 October 2019
Louis XIV and the English: War, Peace and Fashions
Isle of Wight Literary Festival, Northwood House

22 October 2019
The Sun King and the Sultan: Louis XIV and the Ottoman Empire
Royal Asiatic Society, 14 Stephenson Way, London

4 November 2019
The King of the World: King Louis XIV
Bridport Literary Festival, The Bull Ballroom, 34 East St, Bridport

12 November 2019
Conversation with Barnaby Rogerson
John Sandoe Books, 10-12 Blacklands Terrace, Chelsea, London

28 November 2019
Louis XIV, Europe and England
11th annual London History Festival, Kensington Central Library, Lecture Theatre, 22 Phillimore Walk, London W8 - video:

3 December 2019
The Oldie literary lunch, Simpson’s in the Strand, 100 Strand, London

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Past Speaking Engagements

In recent years Philip Mansel has spoken at Sotheby’s (London), Christie’s (Paris), Aleppo University, the American Research Institute (Istanbul), Peterhouse (Cambridge), the Victoria and Albert Museum, the British Museum (video), the Wallace Collection, the Royal Geographical Society, the Irish Georgian Society, the Georgian Group, the Mausolea and Monuments Trust, the Royal Oak Foundation, the Byron Society, the Berlioz Society, the Royal Stuart Society, the Newberry Library (Chicago), Loyola University (Chicago), the English Speaking Union (Chicago), the University of Massachusetts (Boston), Winchester College, Eton College, Kuwait University, the American University of Beirut Museum, the Austrian Cultural Forum (London), the Society for Court Studies (London), the British Institute of Florence, the Society for French Historical Studies Annual Meeting (Toronto) [keynote speech], the Travellers’ Club (London), the Oxford and Cambridge Club, the University Women’s Club, the Dutch Archaeological Institute (Cairo), the Franco-British Society, Institut Francais London, Institut Francais Edinburgh, Dorset Gardens Trust, Dorset Archives Trust, Dorset County Museum, the Turkish Area Study Group, Royal Collection Studies (Windsor), the Pera Museum (Istanbul), Pera House (Istanbul), Koç University (Istanbul), the Bridport Literary Festival, the German Historical Institute (London), Newcastle University, Durham University, Saint Andrew’s University, the French Porcelain Society, the Association de la Noblesse du Royaume de Belgique (Brussels), Women’s International Club of Brussels, Exeter University, the Chateau de Versailles, Bibliothèque municipale de Versailles, Académie de Versailles, the Chateau de Compiègne, Fondation Napoléon, Maison de Chateaubriand, Uppsala University, Residenzenkommission (Coburg), Austrian Academy of Sciences, Royal Holloway College, the Hay-on-Wye Festival, the Oldie literary lunch, the Oxford Literary Festival, the Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Centre (London), the Orient Institute (Istanbul - review), the Hellenic Centre (London) video , Jewish Book Week (video), Purbeck Arts Week, Purbeck International Chamber Music Festival, Edinburgh Book Festival, Woodstock Literary Festival, Thessaloniki 2012, Izmir Chamber of Commerce, Mersin University, Centro Studi la Venaria Reale Turin, Biblioteca Alexandrina, American University of Cairo (post lecture review), Friends of Manyal Palace, Royal Studies Network, Royal Society of Asian Affairs, Royal Asiatic Society, the Association for the Study of Travel in Egypt and the Near East, the Royal Institution (London) (listen to the proceedings - image - video), Chalke Valley History Festival, BBC History Festival, Ludwig-Maximilian University, Munich, the Royal Castle Warsaw, London History Festival, the Izmir University of Economics (images), The Queen’s Gallery (video), National Portrait Gallery, the Garden Museum, the Gardens Trust, John Sandoe Books, Hatchards Piccadilly, Smedmore House, Ebenezer Presents, Art Workers’ Guild, Asia House, Europe House, British School of Athens, Gennadius Library Athens, the Levantine Heritage Foundation, the Jewish Museum London, the American Cathedral in Paris, the American Library in Paris, the London Library, the British Library, the Gibraltar Literary Festival, Isle of Wight Literary Festival, Transylvanian Book Festival, Hartwell House, Venice in Peril, Associazione culturale èStoria, Gorizia and the Egyptian Cultural Centre London.